Friday, October 31, 2008


October 31, 2008
Home archeology (sifting and sorting through decades' worth of mss. and other assorted clutter) has turned up several copies of an antique self-publication:
BAR SINISTRE. Story & pictures by Frances Lauren [a pseudonym I crafted for myself in those salad days when I actually feared fame enough to threaten my private life] c1967, 1968 [the year I turned 24]. Since I have found this one offered on the Internet for quite a flattering price, it seems only fair to ask a donation of $50 apiece for my own old copies; $40 in combination with:
THE FOLLIES OF SIR HARALD. Green Knight Publishing, c2001. $10 in combination with BAR SINISTRE, otherwise $15.
Explanation: In the 1990's, I returned to the central characters of Bar Sinistre, doing a sort of alternative remake of their story in a more or less Chretien-de-Troyes Arthurian universe as opposed to my original heavily Americanized Malory-cum-Prince Valiant-cum-T.H.White one. The only original character of the 1960s supporting cast to reappear in the 1990s one was Sir Harald's horse Goblin. Follies is in no sense a sequel.
Sorry, I prefer not to attempt dealing over the Internet. Please email me for snail-mail directions. After shipping and handling costs, all proceeds from these "sales" will go to charity.
Phyllis Ann Karr
(Mrs. Clifton Alfred Hoyt)