Monday, June 14, 2010

The Hors d'0euvre Method of Doggy Meds

Last week Abby developed the doggy equivalent of the common cold. Yes, she gets a vaccination every August; but the vet explained that by June it's wearing off, nor are doggy vaccinations always absolutely 100% effective, any more than our own vaccinations for whichever strain of flu they think is going to hit in any given flu season. Abby's was apparently a mild case, quickly caught, and after a week of treatment she seems well over it.
Now Abby -- like many dogs, I believe -- isn't the easiest entity in the known universe to medicate. During the first half year or so of sharing our home with her, I tried most of the tricks I'd heard of to get her to swallow her pills, and none of them worked very well. In fact, inserting a capsule into a bite of sausage only seemed to insult her.
At last I found a method that has so far worked every time, and since I've never seen it described anywhere else, the whole point of this blog is to pass it along. On a little square snack cracker, I put a generous dab of peanut butter, and perch the pill on top, visible and bold as an olive. She gobbles up as a snack what she scorns as a medication.
If you need such a recipe, may it work as well for you as it has so far for me.