Monday, November 30, 2009


I've gotten a few - are they called "pop-up screens"? - saying so-and-so wants to add me to their contacts. I have tried saying "Yes" and providing the desired data, but somehow it didn't work, and I keep getting the same screen from the individual concerned. As nearly as I can make out, this seems to have something to do with texting, cell phones, "chat room" type communications. I have one toe in the water with website, blogsite, and e-mail ... but that's as far as I choose to go for now! Please, those of you asking to add me to your "contacts," understand that I own neither cell phone nor blackberry, do not text, and have not as yet entered any chatrooms. Therefore, until further notice, I am going to decline all such requests. Apologies - I'm not trying to cut you off - but you wouldn't have been able to reach me except by email or snail mail anyway, so in the long run it probably won't make much difference.

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Marcus said...

Hi Phyllis,

Oh, that scares me that you mention entering your personal information. Don't do that! If you can, try to change your passwords, or run a virus scan on your computer.